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Employee Assistance Services

EFAP programs are a confidential and voluntary support service that helps employees, and their families find the right options and solutions to resolve personal, family, or work-related challenges.

It is estimated that 10 - 15% of all employees experience deeply personal issues in any given year. This type of distress often affects both employees and their families.

EFAP provides assessment, short-term counselling, referral, case management, and follow-up services.
Our psychologists work from brief-therapy model, practice the most current clinical approaches, empowering clients to move toward solution and wellness in a short-term frame. Our EFAP solutions are tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Psychological Assessments and Testing

Psychological Assessments & Testing solutions and strategic guidance to help you; identify talent, manage teams, our duty to accommodate, an individuals fitness to work, enhance organizational performance, career development and transition. Assessments in critical areas that affect an individual’s ability to work, return to work learn and/or function daily:

Psychological assessments to determine the types and severity of mental health issues, disorder, or illness experience by the individual. Psychometric assessments and treatment planning for individual employees with substance use and abuse challenges.

Personality types can help build more effective teams by promoting understanding, reducing miscommunication, and transforming personality differences from liabilities into assets. (MBTI)
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“No matter what size your company is, we can assist you with navigating through complex and confidential manners. “


“No matter what size your company is, we can assist you with navigating through complex and confidential manners. “ What is mediation? Mediation is a conversation or negotiation with the aid of a neutral third party.

Mediators manage and facilitate negotiation and they help parties communicate and find creative ways of resolving their difficulties. Mediation offers the parties in a dispute control over the outcome of their conflict. Mediation is especially suited for parties who expect to have an ongoing relationship. Because the parties in mediation work together to face their difficulties, it can preserve and even strengthen relationships.


An organizational ombudsman is a designated neutral or impartial dispute resolution practitioner whose major function is to provide independent, impartial, confidential and informal assistance to managers and employees, clients and/or other stakeholders of a corporation, university, non-governmental organization.

The primary duties of an organizational ombudsman are (1) to work with individuals and groups in an organization to explore and assist them in determining options to help resolve conflicts, problematic issues or concerns, and (2) to bring systemic concerns to the attention of the organization for resolution. An Ombudsman/Ombudsperson assists with the fair and expeditious resolution of complaints in an impartial, confidential and independent manner.